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Leak Detection

Leak Detection and Repair

Water or dust leaking into your car’s interior is not just a minor nuisance, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Water leaks can cause stains and mildew on paneling and carpeting, rust on any exposed metal components, and if water finds its way into your electrical system, it can cause serious electrical problems.

The challenge of water or dust leaks is that while it is often easy to determine that a leak exists, it is more challenging to identify where the leak originates. And while internet advice pages might show how to fix blatantly obvious leaks, in reality it is far more complicated and difficult to find and repair the leak correctly so that the leak will not return.

That is why Hillstar Panelbeating has dedicated leak detection bays and the latest in ultrasonic leak detection technology to find, fix and ensure that the leak is gone. We have over 35 years experience finding, fixing and ensuring that leaks are stopped.

Older Models

With older models rust and leaks can be a reality. At Hillstar we have experience in fixing all of the most common leaks, especially with off-road vehicles which often suffer sunroof or roof rack damage as a result of rough roads or adverse and extreme weather conditions.

Is your vehicle leaking? Contact us today for quality leak detection and repair.

Concerned about rust? We are also experts at rust removal.

Did you know that most common interior leaks in your car are caused by?

  • A poorly fitted windshield
  • Rust
  • Worn window or door seals
  • Sunroofs
  • Aftermarket accessories