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Hillstar Chassis Straightening

Approved Chassis Straightening

At Hillstar we care about our customers and put our clients’ safety first. That is why we use the latest digital chassis straightening equipment to ensure that when your car is returned to you, its chassis is in exact factory condition so that you are once again safe on the roads.

With the combination of our years of experience in the industry and the latest in digital chassis straightening technology, Hillstar will make sure that your vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition so that you can feel safe driving again.

Why do I Need an Approved Chassis Repairer?

While almost all modern vehicles are designed to have a ‘unibody’ or single frame construction that is designed to twist, flex and bend in an accident in order to protect you, once they have done this, they will need to be realigned so that your vehicle is once again safe to drive. Some vehicles, like the Land Rover Defenders, have a ladder frame chassis design, and while this is extremely sturdy, it can also be damaged. The dangers of driving with a damaged chassis can range from minor inconveniences, such as a door panel that doesn’t line up exactly allowing air or water through, to the exceptionally dangerous cases when, because of a damaged chassis, your vehicle’s onboard computers misread driving conditions with devastating consequences.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Because makes and manufacturers’ vehicles all have different specifications, and a misalignment of a few millimeters can have dangerous consequences, chassis alignment is a serious matter and not something to leave to amateurs. We get information grids directly from each vehicle manufacturer so that our chassis straightening and balancing is in line with manufacturer’s guidelines for ultimate safety.

Our digital chassis straightening technology provides 100% accurate readouts and guides, before moving it to one of our dedicated repair bays for precision repair.

Approved by all Major Insurance Agencies

Our chassis repair and coachworks is not only manufacturer approved, but also approved by all major insurance agencies, making insurance claims easier for you. We are also SAMBRA and RMI members, and all our workmanship is guaranteed for three years.

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